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Susan’s book Only Her Naked Courage will be a FreeBooksy pick of the day on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. As the name implies, you will be able to get this book for your Kindle, Nook, or Kobo reading device on that day for free.


The book is a suspenseful thriller. In the first half, you have a kidnapping. In the second half, with the kidnapper still at large, the victim needs to work through her PTSD from the kidnapping. A great book for all PTSD survivors.


Reader So Captivated with Only Her Naked Courage

Twitterer @PhyllisVolk was apparently so captivated with Only Her Naked Courage that she  took it upon herself to make it available to all. Free. It is a book about the power of love, but I never expected someone to think everyone had to read it.


@PhyllisVolk offers this illegal copy of my novel

Susan’s novel about trauma, a kidnapping in this case, and the long road of recovery from trauma, has apparently so delighted @PhyllisVolk that she made a download of the entire book available to everyone. She must believe it is quite a good read and doesn’t want anyone to miss it.
Should you care to get your hands on this story (into which Susan has poured her heart and soul and her publisher has poured a substantial investment) in the old-fashioned way and pay for it, it’s also available for purchase in several locations:

However you’re comfortable getting a hold of it, enjoy!


Susan discusses Only Her Naked Courage on AM 1420

Cover of Only Her Naked Courage
Sara is kidnapped and held for almost a year. Can she recover?

In the novel Only Her Naked Courage, Sara Miller was kidnapped and held for almost a year before escaping. The novel deals with the depravity during her year in captivity, but then also the long road to recovery of dealing with the PTSD after she rejoins her family.

When news broke about the remarkable story of the Cleveland kidnapping victims,  the parallels between the novel and the news story were evident. This week, the three victims released their first YouTube video.

Susan was invited on Jim McIntyre’s The 11th Hour radio show on AM 1420 on Friday July 13, 2013. Listen to the interview here.

How it All Started … This Time

What do you do when characters you wrote about thirty years ago start coming to you in the middle of the night, thirty years older than they were, painting scenes of their present life? Well . . . since they wouldn’t let me sleep until I started writing about them again, I started writing about them again.
I complained to my publisher, who said he’d wondered what had ever happened to some of the characters in books he’d enjoyed, and he thought we should bring Heart back out – but now it was going to be more than Heart. The original big, sexy love story would be enhanced by a hundred pages of update. We’d have Heart 1.5.
We’d like to send you a copy to read and, hopefully, review. The original Heart sold over 200,000 copies and Publisher’s Weekly called it “unabashedly romantic.” Heart 1.5 contains the original heroine and hero, Ruth and her poet, Tom, plus a pretty surprising new cast of fresh, funny, feisty, 2013 folks who, I’m afraid, may take it into their heads to bring their stories into my head.
E-mail us for a review copy.

Susan Ross’s 1982 Heart Will be Re-Released Fall 2013

The new cover for Heart 1.5
The new cover for Heart 1.5

Back in 1982, Bantam debuted a new romance novel by a new author: Heart by Susan Ross. The title sold 200K copies in the USA and was released in the UK. Susan keeps hearing from people who re-read Heart every summer to re-visit Ruth and Tom. People would ask if there were any plans to re-release Heart for the Kindle or Nook.

Since Susan wrote Heart, she has written three others books. She pitched the idea that rather than just bringing Heart back for the e-Readers, she would like write an update telling  where Ruth and Tom are, thirty years later.

On October 1, 2013, Holy Macro! Books will release Heart 1.5 – a book that contains the entire original text from Heart, plus 100 new pages of content written by Susan today. The book will be released in paperback, Kindle, ePub (iPad), Mobi (Nook), and Audiobook (Audible).

Stay tuned here for more news about the upcoming release.